I’ve been really busy for the last few months, our first child Samuel was born in November (2014) so amateur radio has pretty much taken a back seat.

LDG IT-100 Rear

LDG IT-100 Rear

I was lucky enough to receive an LDG IT-100 automatic ATU from Vicky for Christmas, which in contrast to the MFJ 971 manual ATU I’ve been using up to now is a dream to use, just a single push button tune. To complement this I’ve been collecting parts to make myself a better antenna.

Up to now my antenna had been a very simple 8.6m vertical of speaker wire hung from a fishing pole and a home made 4:1 balun. To be fair I’ve had some reasonable results and enjoyed getting out /p to use it, but I’d really like to improve my signal/reception and be a little more directional.

I’m going to put together an inverted V dipole based on this “THE ALL BAND HF DOUBLET” here: www.hamuniverse.com/hfdoublet.html it’s basically a dipole fed with balanced feeder via a 4:1 balun.

So far my collection of parts are:

  • 10m of balanced feeder
  • 2 x dogbone insulators
  • 1 x dipole center ‘T’ Insulator
  • 1 x T200-2 Toroid Core (Red / Frequency Range 1-30 MHz) ready to wind another 4:1 balun

Still to source:

  • Antenna wire for the dipole elements. It’s looking like I’ll be separating some figure 8 speaker cable for this.
  • Cord for the insulated ends of the elements. Will be going for the cheapest option, off to the market me thinks.

Once I’ve build this, I’ll test and post the results. If you’ve got any advice or questions please get in touch.

I treated myself to a bag of power-pole connectors and a new power connector for my Icom but I’ll post about that when I’ve gotten around to using them.