I headed out today to my usual spot to play a bit of radio. Had a great few hours relaxing in the sun, a selection of the stations worked are: EU7A, W1AW, VE6CQ, 9A2YM, EG4GET, UE16WR, IK4UPI, EG7MAL from places around the world, USA, Canada, Russia, Belarus, Spain, Italy… You can look these callsigns up at qrz.com

My portable ham radio station setup

Setup was the ICOM 706MK2G -> MFJ-971 -> 9:1 unun -> vertical of speaker wire on a 10m fishing pole. All powered from a 20AH lead acid battery that I seem to never charge but it’s still going strong after a good few outings. I also like to listen out on 2m on my Wouxen handheld.

My antenna is very crude, not in the blue sense 😉 It’s simply a  10m fishing pole and a length of cheap speaker wire from Wilkinsons (discount diy/home store here in the UK). Fed via a 9:1 unun wound by me around a torroid from the NARSA rally in Blackpool. I’m sure I could fashion a more efficient antenna setup and hope to, but for now I’m enjoying using this setup, it works ok for a portable ham radio setup and cost hardly anything so when I do break it I’m not going to be too upset.

My portable location

I setup in my usual place about 5min drive from home (Wigan IO83qn) an ideal location for portable ham radio on a quiet lane near Haigh Hall (also in IO83qn) with a great take off. I setup the fishing pole tied to a fence and either take a deck chair or setup in the passenger seat of the car. The latter tends to be my preferred option on a sunny Sunday as the lane is also part of a walk in a guide book so attracts quite a large number of interested passers by. I don’t mind people stopping to chat (I wouldn’t be out with my radio if I didn’t want to talk to people) but there’s only so many jokes about a fishing rod I can take in one day!

I’ve already received an eQSL:

Portable ham radio received eQSL from UE16WR HAM FORMULA ONE STATION


I’ll be heading out again when time permits, I hope to add some better reports with a few more setup photos and maybe even some youtube videos.

73 for now, thanks for reading.