Finally I’ve got a reasonable portable setup for my amateur radio equipment. It’s not suited for taking far from transport but keeps my setup safe.

After managing with a series of storage boxes and a briefcase then buying, storing and selling a large rack case, I finally put some thought into how I can best store transport and use my amateur radio setup.

I don’t currently have a shack at home so all my radio playing is out and about, not far from the car and with my home made portable windom/dipole antenna suspended from my 10m fishing pole.

My brief was that I needed safe storage and transport for an ICOM 706 (MK2G), LDG IT-100 auto ATU, my swr/power meter for VHF.  I also needed a simple way to connect my battery (currently a 40AH lead acid battery).

Mounting inside the lidI considered making my own ‘box’ but never got the time, then I looked at the cheap aluminium covered tool case I’ve had floating around, the reason I hadn’t used it up to now was that the radio would be sat low down in the box, so I discounted it… I looked again, just turn it upside down and mount everything inside the lid!! Eureka!

I cut a piece of hardboard to fit inside the lid and set about mounting the ICOM and LDG. In the spirit of amateur radio, it’s all an experiment and if it works out I’ll tidy it up later.

Next steps are cut and make up the coax patch leads and new power cable. Also I’ve got to mount the SO-239 thru sockets to the case so I can get setup without opening the lid.

If you’ve got any tips and advice you think would help me please get in touch.

That’s progress so far, next post when I do some more…

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