Business’s now rely on email as an essential part of their every day communications both internally and externally. When it’s taken away you can’t operate, both you and your customers lose face, orders, time and money. What value do you put on your email service?

500 Internal Server Error Screenshot not what you get with qulity business email

Just what you don’t need to see in your browser

It’s Friday afternoon, you’re waiting for the big order to arrive to your webmail inbox and bang “Internal Server Error” appears on your screen! Frantic hitting of F5 does nothing but make your blood boil.

You phone your ISP and they confirm they have an email server error that their engineers are working on, “check the website and we will post updates”.

No amount of shouting, threats or pleading will make the engineers able to work any quicker and you are at their mercy.

What email service are you using? If it’s the bundled/discount service that comes along with your £20 / month (for some people reading this it may even be £20 per year) website hosting package, should you be surprised that sometimes it isn’t the premium service you’d hoped for?

You are probably paying just £2 per month for your email account (“an essential part of their every day communications”), that’s less than the price of a large Americano at a high street coffee chain.

For this you expect the following: 24/7/365 99.9% uptime, fast hosting, clear storage space allowance, bandwidth usage allowance, clear sending limits on size and numbers, email backups, spam filtering, virus filtering… the list goes on…

Some comparisons to your £2 per month for your “essential email service”

Monthly costs (averaging that you work just 19 days / month):

  • That little used fax line: £15.99 [1]
  • Pickup a coffee on the way to the office (while you check your email): £30 [2]
  • The Daily Express: £9.50 [3]
  • iPhone 6 on Vodafone £52.92 [4]
  • Window cleaner, office cleaner, am I making the point?

What does an real ISP need to pay for to provide an email account?

Server hosting, bandwidth, storage, backups (yes they do backups and pay for that space too), server admin, updates/security patches, support ‘humans’.

What does an real ISP have to contend with to provide an email account?

Daily dealing with: Hack attempts, ddos, daily spam, spam attacks, virus filtering, suspending compromised accounts to avoid them affecting other server users (you need to take your own security seriously… password etc?)

Maintaining: Actual server platform,  server operating system security and patching, email server software system security and patching

If something sounds too cheap to be true… does this sound like something you can expect for £2?

What can you do so sort out your email dilemma?

There are MANY quality providers of paid for business email services on-line, unfortunately there are even more providers of CHEAP email accounts normally resold by web designers who get it ‘bundled’ with their reseller hosting account.

You really need to PAY for a real business email service and get just that. You’ve got a wish list of business email requirements; 24/7/365 99.9% uptime, fast hosting, clear storage space allowance, bandwidth usage allowance, clear sending limits on size and numbers, email backups, spam filtering, virus filtering…

I recommend the following email,  services from G Suite [5]

All you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.

Email – Business email

Hangouts – Meet face-to-face with anyone, anywhere

Calendar – Easy scheduling for teams

Documents, Spreadsheets

Cloud Storage and more

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You have a responsibility to your business to make the best decisions on services you procure. Paying for a quality business email service that you can rely on, makes not only business sense but also, makes your life easier. It works, you get less spam, your less susceptible to viruses and you can communicate with your customers.

References (prices checked 25/09/2014):

  1. “direct debit for £15.99 a month” (
  2. McDonald’s coffee @ £1.59
  3. The Daily Express
  4. Vodafone business iPhone 6 16GB, 12month contract (
  5. I am a member for the Google G Suite referral program for business email and may benefit if I someone I refer signs up for any of their paid services.